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In 2005, this firm was started by Nilesh Bhardwaj. Slowly and gradually the team joined in and at present, the firm has a work force of seven lawyers and 10 para legal staff. Karan Bhardwaj who started his own firm by the name of Bhardwaj Law Associates joined hands and merged not only his firm but his expertise and experience to benefit the firm.

Though the firm was established with an aim to provide legal advice on pre-litigation but with the passage of time the firm has added more to its credential works which includes pre-litigation, mediation, arbitration, advising the government / companies and non government organisation with regard to their policy decisions. With the passage of time and with the joining of new partners, the firm has made its name in various fields especially in service litigation, medical negligence, arbitration matters and company litigation. The firm (future planning) has recently tied up with Dalbir Singh and Associates, PC Law firm in New York, to deal with its nature of clients from Punjab. The client base of the firm has thrown in Canada, US, and UK, for whom the firm is working and dealing their cases in high Court of Chandigarh, Supreme Court as well as various other high courts and Panel of India.

We have Lawyers who believe in serving the clients with best and productive results. We have attorneys who are committed to provide excellent service with full potential and are good in adapting quickly to the changing legal environment.

We also aim at expanding our firm in future with various other lawyers that have an expertise in a wide number of legal areas thereby helping our clients to reach us in any of the legal matters. Our mission of providing legal matter services all under one roof is our main objective apart from providing best legal advice.




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