Nilesh Bhardwaj (Ex. DAG Punjab)

Advocate Punjab & Haryana High Court

Nilesh Bhardwaj is the founder member and equity partner in Bhardwaj Law Chambers a budding Litigating Law Firm in Chandigarh. Nilesh is a lawyer with wide experience in the Litigation. He is regarded as a brilliant Litigator who is acknowledged of the right move and right decision for his credits. He has been a part of many important judgments in the field of Service, Land Acquisition, Tender and Constitutional matters for and against the Government agencies. He has worked as a Deputy Advocate General for the State of Punjab for almost five years dealing in important Civil, Constitutional and Acquisition cases helping the Government of Punjab and giving important legal opinions in Administrative as well as Litigation side in all kind of legal matters and policy decisions. Nilesh has worked in a wide array of cases be it corporate or criminal cases. Being an avid researcher of the case details, he has a lot of experience and in-depth knowledge of the factors for the case.

In Service matters, Nilesh is considered as a paragon of quality legal advice and has an excellent expertise in handling such cases. He lies in the category of top non-designated Senior lawyers when it comes to service matters. He has been working with and for many designated Senior Advocates in matters pertaining to Service law, Constitutional matters, Acquisition matters as assisting counsel and is one of the sought for ON RECORD ADVOCATE for various law firms for Punjab and Haryana High Court. He is excellent in searching macro strategies or mini strategies dealing in the cases regarding the unlawful termination, removal, dismissal or the matter regarding the prohibition of state department on transfer matters. Nilesh has been empanelled on the various prestigious panel in State of Haryana and Punjab including Various State Universities, HUDA, HSIIDC, Local bodies ext. He is a very sharp-witted and highly active intellectual lawyer.

Nilesh has always remained active and taking initiative in attending the competitions held at colleges or universities. He even took part in various Moot Court Competitions especially those held at National Institute of Law, Jodhpur and one at Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Delhi. Participating in such competitions gave him an opportunity to practice the law study practically and motivated him to fight for the people and help them out in tackling their legal issues. His journey after completion of his degree started in the office of Sh. Ashok Aggarwal, Senior Advocate, who himself is an institution in Punjab and Haryana High Court. Sh. Ashok Aggarwal is a well reputed Senior Advocate in Chandigarh who has a distinction of being Advocate General for the State of Punjab, as well as, Advocate General for the State of Haryana and Senior Standing Counsel, U.T. Administration, hence, has manned the top Constitutional posts of Punjab, Haryana as well as U.T.

The passion and ardent desire to fight for justice and help people attain the respect and honour while working in the respective jobs received by Nilesh from working in the office of Sh. Ashok Aggarwal, Senior Advocate is what made him what he is today. He is the best advisor in any legal matters that why he is regarded as “Merchant of Misery”.  


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